Over the years IBEW Local 2323 has fought hard to make sure our members have the ability to work safely while on the job. If you are directed to work in an unsafe manner by management please contact the Union office immediately. Every Union member must make safety their first priority on the job.


In all cases one-person splicing work operations that can be performed safely will be limited to work in aerial cable, buried cable, house and building cables in cable vaults and pits or on main frames, and work in CEV’S.

If any of the following conditions exist, work will not be assigned to one-person operations:

(1) Splicing work operations in outside cable after dark, including cable repair work operations in aerial cable, unless provided with an aerial lift vehicle, and the work location is known.

(5) Working in CEV’S after dark.



RF Safety Information: 

Use this Job Aid to refresh your understanding the Verizon safety practices to be used to minimize personal exposure when working near transmitting antennas.


RF Job Aid

Radio Frequency (RF) Safety