It is important for our members to know if you are interested in obtaining healthcare deadlines are looming for coverage. Please see deadlines below.

DEADLINE: May 23, 2016
Application and payment must be received by this date.
Health-connector coverage is effective June 1, 2016
MassHealth is retroactive coverage to May 1, 2016

Rhode Island:
All Rhode Island residents should apply immediately if you have not already @ or call 1-855-840-4774.
Coverage under both HealthSourceRI and Medicaid is retroactive to May 1, 2016

Also some members have reported in both states issues calculating your income with Rhode Island unemployment. They will include this in your income calculations, however the way in which it is being calculated is not entirely correct they are calculating your unemployment rate at $566 x 52 weeks.

Here is the correct way to calculate it:

$566 a week X 26 weeks = $14,716 then divided by 52 weeks = $283

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