Many IBEW members will post pictures and text on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites about the Verizon/Verizon Wireless strike. Using these sites raises a number of legal issues, especially if the postings contain false/disparaging statements, discriminatory or threatening statements, or invade lawful privacy interests of others. Employers typically monitor these sites and, if statements disparage company services or products, contain threats, or are discriminatory/harassing, employees can be subject to disciplinary action. While you should make sure your security settings only allow access to individuals you have invited, you should still assume that Verizon and others will be able to obtain copies of whatever you post, as these sites are NOT private. To avoid legal or disciplinary problems, please observe the following:

1. You have a legal right to express your opinion about strike-breakers as long as you do so in a manner that is not intimidating or threatening. Do NOT list the names and addresses of people who are not supporting the strike. It is unlawful to harass or threaten or harass people because they do not support the Union’s cause. If you posted photos or statements that might be viewed as harassing, remove them immediately.

2. You have a legal right to support the Union and the strike, including the right to state opinions that are critical of the Company’s bargaining positions and treatment of employees, and to ask customers not to patronize the Company because of the issues involved in the strike. Do Not use social networking sites to make statements that Verizon’s services or products are not good or are defective in some way. If such statements have been posted, remove them immediately.

3. Do NOT make postings or add content to any social networking site that isn’t accurate and truthful.

4. Do NOT under any circumstances use social media sites to threaten, harass, use obscene language or offensive, harassing and/or discriminatory language towards Verizon, Verizon Wireless, or any persons associated in any capacity with the strike.

5. Do NOT post individual pictures of anyone on a social network site or make threatening statements personally attacking individuals who have allegedly crossed picket lines or otherwise failed to support the strike.

IBEW has an official Facebook page devoted to issues and facts concerning the strike
and has other social network and web sites that provide information about strike-related issues.

IBEW and its Districts do not review, approve or endorse content posted on other, non-official sites and is not responsible for the content on any non-IBEW official site.

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