A message from your Business Manager-

As with everything this year, our 2020 Annual Feed-A-Family event will look a lot different than it has in the past.  That said, due to the economic crisis in this country, the people in our communities need our help and support more than ever.

Local 2323’s Community Action Committee has been working hard to come up with a safe way to host our Annual Feed-A-Family event. While there have been some questions as to whether we would be able to pull it off at all, the Executive Board and I have decided this event is too important to our community, and the need is too great to allow this opportunity to pass by.

Each year you, our members, go above and beyond donating towards this event. Unfortunately, this year many of you are either working from home or home garaging which will make collecting your donations extremely difficult if not impossible. I, along with the support of the Executive Board, have decided to remove financial uncertainty and am pleased to announce that our local will fund the Feed-A-Family for 2020.

Local 2323 has always prided itself on our community interaction and our solidarity events. During this pandemic we have each missed out on so much, and with your support we intend on closing out this difficult year by easing the burdens of those in our community who face food insecurity.

Logistics for distribution are still being finalized, and we will still be depending on your time and effort to make deliveries to those in need. Let’s pull together like we have so many times and aim to make this event a bigger success than it has been in the past.

Christopher Buffery

Business Manager

IBEW Local 2323

October 27, 2020

Pursuant to the provisions of Article G25 of our CBA, Verizon has declared a surplus of 336 members in New England, 50 of whom are members here in IBEW 2323. Accordingly, affected employees in surplus job titles at the work locations involved will receive an EIPP offer by Tuesday November 3, 2020. Members electing to accept the offer have until Tuesday November 17, 2020 to do so. The final date of employment for accepted volunteers will be Saturday December 5, 2020.


The breakdown for IBEW Local 2323 members is as follows:


1 Administrative Assistant                           234 Washington ST.

26 Central Office Technicians

                                1                                        1096 Broad Street

                                25                                      1 Green Street

2 Equipment Installation Technicians     234 Washington St.

2 Fiber Network Technicians                      1 Greene St.

8 Outside Plant Technicians

 4                                                             Smithfield Garage

 2                                                              Tower Hill Garage

2                                                             Apponaug Garage

10 Splice Service Technicians                    

 2                                                             East Providence Garage

3                                                             Portsmouth

3                                                             Smithfield Garage

1                                                             Tower Hill Garage

1                                                             Apponaug Garage

1 Transmission Technician                           1096 Broad St.


Members with any questions or concerns should contact the Union Office immediately

@ (401) 946-2323 or email us @ ibew2323@verizon.net.


For those of you registered to vote in this year’s Primary Election below you will find a list of the 2020 Democratic Primary IBEW Local 2323 Endorsed Candidates. Based on the results of those elections we will update our endorsed candidates if needed. Over the coming weeks, interviews will conclude, endorsements will be made and communicated to you.


District 3 – Rep. Moira Walsh                                                                                                           

District 7 – Rep. Daniel McKiernan

District 8 – Rep. John Lombardi

District 11 – Rep. Grace Diaz

District 13 – Rep. Mario Mendez

District 16 – Rep. Christopher Millea

District 19 – Rep. Joseph McNamara

District 27 – Rep. Patricia Serpa

District 34 – Rep. Teresa Tanzi

District 35 – Rep. Kathy Fogarty

District 43 – Rep. Deborah Fellela

District 61 – Rep. Raymond Johnston, Jr.

District 64 – Rep. Joe Serodio

District 72 – Rep. Terri Cortvriend

District 74 – Rep. Deborah Ruggiero



District 1 – Sen. Maryellen Goodwin

District 4 – Sen. Dominick Ruggerio

District 6 – Sen. Harold Metts

District 16 – Sen. Elizabeth Crowley

District 18 – Sen. William Conley

District 29 – Sen. Michael McCaffrey

District 30 – Sen. Mark McKenney

District 37 – Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski



Also, here are some important dates for the months ahead:


RI State Primary 09/08/2020

Primary Voter Registration Deadline 08/09/2020

General Election 11/03/2020

General Election Voter Registration Deadline 10/04/2020