IBEW Local 2323 has endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in tomorrow’s primary.

Sen. Sanders is one of the only candidates to stand with working people his entire political career. Recently in our fight against Verizon he has stood with us and walked our picket lines.

He has taken on Verizon’s insatiable greed and helped focus the media spot light on our fight for a fair contract.

Even yesterday he met privately with IBEW Local 2323’s leadership and members before his Rhode Island rally. He pledged his unwavering support in our fight.

Sen. Sanders also has shown that same commitment to our IBEW Brothers & Sisters at Fairpoint, during their brutal 4 month strike for a fair contract.

The IBEW Local 2323 PAC committee ask that when casting your vote tomorrow you consider voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders. He has shown he supports us in our time of need let us be a friend in return and support him tomorrow.

IBEW Local 2323 will be holding a rally at the corner of Greene St and Washington St Friday April 22, 2016 at 5:00pm.

Every member is encouraged and expected to attend.

We need to send Verizon a Verizon loud and clear message that we demand a contract.

IBEW Local 2323

• Picket in an orderly fashion, in a safe area, with your fellow union members
• Park in a safe area near the picket line
• Follow the instructions of police and public safety personnel, including firefighters and
emergency personnel. Introduce yourself to the police officer on duty. You can ask police to
confirm CDL license for management or replacement drivers, or to control traffic.
• Wear safe, bright, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear, especially Union apparel.
• Ask customers to shop elsewhere; ask delivery drivers to not make deliveries. You can talk to
people when they arrive and, if they enter, when they leave. Don’t interfere with pharmacy-
only customers. Encourage replacement workers not to scab.
• Follow your assigned picket schedule.
• Ask your friends, family and other workers to join you on the picket line; make sure they see
these do’s and don’ts
• Anyone disrupting the picket line, or refusing to follow these rules, should be told to leave
• Making a record of any unusual incidents, of injuries, accidents or arrests, with the date,
time, place, description and people involved,
Call the Union office with any issues or questions.
Direct media questions to Steve Murphy.

• Obviously, no violence or lawbreaking
• Don’t speak with company security or management about Union issues
• Don’t wear your picket sign away from the picket line
• Don’t engage hecklers or troublemakers. Ask police to get involved if you don’t feel safe
• Don’t use alcohol or drugs, or carry weapons, at or near the picket line.
• Don’t use profanity, threats or abusive language.
• Don’t block the sidewalk or street


Many IBEW members will post pictures and text on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites about the Verizon/Verizon Wireless strike. Using these sites raises a number of legal issues, especially if the postings contain false/disparaging statements, discriminatory or threatening statements, or invade lawful privacy interests of others. Employers typically monitor these sites and, if statements disparage company services or products, contain threats, or are discriminatory/harassing, employees can be subject to disciplinary action. While you should make sure your security settings only allow access to individuals you have invited, you should still assume that Verizon and others will be able to obtain copies of whatever you post, as these sites are NOT private. To avoid legal or disciplinary problems, please observe the following:

1. You have a legal right to express your opinion about strike-breakers as long as you do so in a manner that is not intimidating or threatening. Do NOT list the names and addresses of people who are not supporting the strike. It is unlawful to harass or threaten or harass people because they do not support the Union’s cause. If you posted photos or statements that might be viewed as harassing, remove them immediately.

2. You have a legal right to support the Union and the strike, including the right to state opinions that are critical of the Company’s bargaining positions and treatment of employees, and to ask customers not to patronize the Company because of the issues involved in the strike. Do Not use social networking sites to make statements that Verizon’s services or products are not good or are defective in some way. If such statements have been posted, remove them immediately.

3. Do NOT make postings or add content to any social networking site that isn’t accurate and truthful.

4. Do NOT under any circumstances use social media sites to threaten, harass, use obscene language or offensive, harassing and/or discriminatory language towards Verizon, Verizon Wireless, or any persons associated in any capacity with the strike.

5. Do NOT post individual pictures of anyone on a social network site or make threatening statements personally attacking individuals who have allegedly crossed picket lines or otherwise failed to support the strike.

IBEW has an official Facebook page devoted to issues and facts concerning the strike
and has other social network and web sites that provide information about strike-related issues.

IBEW and its Districts do not review, approve or endorse content posted on other, non-official sites and is not responsible for the content on any non-IBEW official site.

Regional Bargaining Report

Thursday April 7, 2016


The CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committees met yesterday at the Rye town Hilton.

Last week during off the record discussions the Union laid out to the Company a path to a contract by addressing the Company’s critical needs. We also made it clear to them that in order to reach an agreement they would have to address the Union’s critical needs and drop all of the remaining retrogressive demands.


Yesterday the Company gave us a proposal that contained no movement from their previous proposal to address our critical needs. There was no movement in wages, it continues to freeze pensions at 30 years and still allows them to increase contracting and off-shoring of our work.


The Company’s proposal still contains retrogressive demands that include:

  • Job Security- Eliminate the no-layoff protections for workers hired before 2003 unless the Unions agree to other concessions
  • Disability- a diminishment of our disability plans for members who get injured on the job
  • Call Sharing- the elimination of home based routing, a reduction in the percentage of calls and the ability to route all calls for new products or services to contractors for 9 months
  • Corporate Profit Sharing- Eliminate
  • Closing call centers- the closing of centers that would result in transferring members up to 80 miles from their current work location
  • Force Adjustment Plan- the ability to declare surpluses and offer IPP by organization which would circumvent seniority within your title
  • Article 8– the ability to transfer members with little regard to seniority effectively destroying the Article 8 provision in the Plant contract
  • Work/Family– reduce the funding by $600,000 over the life of the contract
  • Tuition Assistance Plan– major changes that would drastically limit the courses a member could take
  • Dependent Eligibility for benefits– Eliminate sponsored children and Class II dependents effective 1-1-18

In their proposal, the Company also had the audacity to threaten our members that if a contract isn’t ratified by May 20th  they would have the right to temporarily transfer technicians from Massachusetts to Virginia for up to 60 days while allowing technicians to be transferred into your state to do your work and make Sunday part of your regular workweek.


The Company’s proposal also shifts more healthcare costs on to our retirees even though the Union had agreed to allow the Company to implement a Medicare Advantage Plan that would save them tens of millions of dollars.


Verizon is a hugely profitable and greedy corporation that is intent on driving down the living standards of the workers who make their profits possible – not because they “need” the savings, but because they “want” the savings and they believe they have the power to do so.


At this point, every member should be ready to strike at a moments notice!



IBEW urges you to vote by paper ballot, rather than by electronic ballot. Return your paper ballot to your Local so that IBEW members can deliver the votes at Verizon’s annual shareholders meeting on May 5th.

If you have not received a paper ballot and you are entitled as a stockholder to vote, please request a paper ballot from the Company. You can request a paper ballot by calling 1-800-631-2355 or you can email at Verizon@computershare.com.

When you contact Verizon’s service, be prepared to insist on your right to your proxy. If they tell you to contact your 401K fund, ask them if they have your proxy and request that they send it to you. In order to verify your identity, they may ask for your Social Security number; please be prepared with that information.

3 Steps to Use your Proxy to send a message to Verizon:

1. Vote! Please follow the IBEW Recommendation’s on the back of this flyer.

2. Sign and date the card where indicated. Place the Proxy inside the envelop and seal the envelop.

3. Return the signed Proxy in the sealed envelope to your Local by April 24th. The IBEW will deliver these Proxies to the Shareholder’s meeting on May 5th.

IBEW Recommendations for
Verizon 2015 Stockholder Proxy Questions


                                                                               IBEW Recommends

1.Directors                                                             AGAINST

2.Auditing                                                              NONE

3.Advisory Vote on Comp                                   AGAINST

4.Renewable Energy                                            FOR

5.Indirect Political Spending Report                 FOR

6.Lobbying Activities Report                              FOR

7.Independent Chair Policy                                 FOR

8.Severance Approval Policy                               FOR

9.Stock Retention Policy                                      FOR

************ SAVE THE DATE ****************

In an effort to promote solidarity, our Solidarity Committee has planned a few events that will take place over the next few months.  Our mobilization efforts have been ongoing over the last nine months in our fight for a fair contract and its time for us to get back to some sort of normalcy.

Providence Bruins- Sunday April 3rd

14th Annual Autism Walk- Sunday April 24th 

Poker Tournament in honor of Brother Mike Ryan- Sunday April 24th 

IBEW Local 99 & 2323 Bike Run- Sunday May 15th

IBEW Local 2323 Annual Golf Tournament- June 5th Swansea Country Club

Local 2323 Family Day- July 24th 

Please make every effort to attend these events.

In Solidarity,

Steve Murphy

Business Manager

IBEW Local 2323