Sisters and Brothers,

As valuable members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2323, I would like to keep you up-to-date on political happenings and use this opportunity to highlight that much of our wellbeing is dependent on, and maintained by, the results of tireless lobbying built on a foundation of member mobilization.

Over the years, each of us experienced the individual sacrifices that led to our collective successes, and it was your efforts to support the initiatives of our union that gave us the strength needed to triumph.

With unity and strength in mind, Local 2323 needs every member to ensure they’ve registered to vote, and takes the time to cast a vote for candidates that are closely allied with our issues, our members, and our families.

For those of you registered to vote in this week’s Primary Election below you will find a list of the 2018 Democratic Primary IBEW Local 2323 Endorsed Candidates. Based on the results of those elections we will update our endorsed candidates if needed. Over the coming weeks, interviews will conclude, endorsements will be made and communicated to you. Here are some important dates for the weeks ahead:


Tuesday November 6, 2018

 Voter registration deadline October 7, 2018


For those who already contribute to COPE, assist in canvassing, or attend political events… THANK YOU! Your continued support is the lifeblood of our movement. For those who are interested in getting involved with the political process (at any level) we invite you to contact your local steward or call us here at the hall. We look forward to even greater engagement this election cycle and over the coming legislative season on Smith Hill.


Steve Murphy

Business Manager

IBEW Local 2323




RI Governor – Gina Raimondo

Lt Governor – Aaron Regunberg

US House RI 1st District- David Cicilline

US Senate – Sheldon Whitehouse




East Providence Mayor

District Name

Robert DaSilva

HD 11 Grace Diaz
HD 26 James Jackson
HD 28 Scott Guthrie
HD 3 Moira Walsh
HD 33 Carol Hagan-McEntee
HD 58 Carlos Tobon
HD 59 Jean-Phillipe Barros
HD 63 Katherine Kazarian
HD 64 Joe Serodio
HD 69 Susan Donovan
HD 7 Daniel McKiernan
HD 9 Anastasia Williams
SD 1 Maryellen Goodwin
SD 14 Valarie Lawson
SD 17 Dennis Lavallee
SD 22 Stephen Archambault
SD 29 Michael Mccaffrey
SD 30 Mark McKenney
SD 35 Bridget Valverde
SD 6 Harold Metts
SD 7 Frank Ciccone

The IBEW System Council T-6 announces that a four year extension has been ratified by the Members of IBEW Locals 2222, 2320, 2321, 2322, 2323, 2324, and 2325. 96% voted in favor of the Agreement.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire in August of 2019. This new agreement will now extend our contract till August 5th 2023.

This new agreement will see our wages accrue to an 11.2% increase during the four year extension. Pension bands will also increase a total of 3% during the length of this agreement. Our benefits will continue to be among the best in the Telecom Industry. These benefits will protect jobs and give this membership security for themselves and their families until 2023. This new extension was a direct result of the steadfastness of IBEW SCT-6 Members during the 2016 Strike of Verizon.

Verizon believed that they could break the Union in 2016 by cancelling Health Care Benefits of our families. This action did not sway this membership, it angered them.

In the end, Verizon did not achieve its goal of fracturing the Union. Instead, we achieved a fair contract that protected Members and their families. And now, after spending 7 weeks holding the line in 2016, the result is 7 years of Contract protections.

In sum, this 4 year extension is a direct result of you, the Members, showing great resolve and a willingness to fight for your future in 2016.

Verizon will continue to make money and Union Members will continue to be able to care for their families. It is a two-way street. If it becomes a one-way street again in 2023 we know what we need to do. When we fight. We WIN!!!


The voting for our local to ratify our contract ended last Friday. The vote to accept the contract extension passed overwhelming for our local. The numbers have been sent to the T6 for a final tally.


Sadly, the Union has learned of the passing of Lois Kopecky, a retired longtime member who worked as a Service Representative in the Collections office in Providence.  Lois was a friend to many and will be missed.

Calling hours are as follows:

Saturday Aug 18th, 2018

11:00am – 1:00pm

Perry McStay Funeral Home

2555 Pawtucket Ave

East Providence, RI