For those of you registered to vote in this year’s Primary Election below you will find a list of the 2020 Democratic Primary IBEW Local 2323 Endorsed Candidates. Based on the results of those elections we will update our endorsed candidates if needed. Over the coming weeks, interviews will conclude, endorsements will be made and communicated to you.


District 3 – Rep. Moira Walsh                                                                                                           

District 7 – Rep. Daniel McKiernan

District 8 – Rep. John Lombardi

District 11 – Rep. Grace Diaz

District 13 – Rep. Mario Mendez

District 16 – Rep. Christopher Millea

District 19 – Rep. Joseph McNamara

District 27 – Rep. Patricia Serpa

District 34 – Rep. Teresa Tanzi

District 35 – Rep. Kathy Fogarty

District 43 – Rep. Deborah Fellela

District 61 – Rep. Raymond Johnston, Jr.

District 64 – Rep. Joe Serodio

District 72 – Rep. Terri Cortvriend

District 74 – Rep. Deborah Ruggiero



District 1 – Sen. Maryellen Goodwin

District 4 – Sen. Dominick Ruggerio

District 6 – Sen. Harold Metts

District 16 – Sen. Elizabeth Crowley

District 18 – Sen. William Conley

District 29 – Sen. Michael McCaffrey

District 30 – Sen. Mark McKenney

District 37 – Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski



Also, here are some important dates for the months ahead:


RI State Primary 09/08/2020

Primary Voter Registration Deadline 08/09/2020

General Election 11/03/2020

General Election Voter Registration Deadline 10/04/2020


Backup Care Policy Statement
Updated: May 13, 2020

During these unprecedented times, Verizon is here to support you with balancing the needs of the
business with your personal life. As we continue to operate and evolve our new ways of working, we
recognize that many of you will have family needs that complicate your ability to perform your
duties in the same way you did before the pandemic. To assist with that, we are pleased to announce
the next phase of our backup care program which will take effect May 16, 2020.

We are continuing the emergency in-home reimbursement arrangement (up to
$100 per work day) that was set up as part of the COVID-19 response with some administrative
changes noted below that will allow for inclusion of the reimbursement in your paycheck. You will
continue to be able to use your own personal network/caregiver of choice and request reimbursement
directly through Verizon. There will be no caps on the amount of hours you can use, subject to the
terms below.

In geographies where Bright Horizons support is able to open, you will have additional access to
care in the way it operated before the COVID-19 outbreak. Bright Horizon’s centers and in-network
providers will be available for emergency backup care subject to the pre-outbreak copays and annual
hour limitations.

Who is eligible for the Emergency Verizon Backup Care?
As a reminder, all US-based management and associate employees can access backup care for dependent
children, elder family members, adults with special needs, or other household members when there is
a temporary breakdown in normal care arrangements. Backup care is not meant to replace normal care
arrangements but should serve as a temporary solution when no care options are available. Prior to
requesting reimbursement, please review the following parameters of the program.
• Backup care reimbursement is available if your normal dependent care arrangements are
unavailable, and you must pay someone to provide care during working hours so that you can work.
• The care is only eligible if it is being provided so that you can do work for Verizon; it
cannot be used to benefit friends, neighbors, etc., or while engaging in other employment.
• Backup care should only be used during the days and times when you would otherwise be
working. Unless approved in advance, overnight care and weekend care do not qualify for
• Care must be delivered in person; virtual care (e.g., telephonic, remote video, etc.) is not
• The backup care reimbursement should not be used for durations below half of a standard
business day (4 hours minimum).

• Backup care should only be used in situations where it is required to complete your work
responsibilities. Many employees working from home will experience a certain amount of disruption
and interruptions during the day but will still be able to perform their work responsibilities. The
backup care benefit is not intended to solve these types of minor disruptions. Instead it is meant
to cover longer periods of time where direct supervision is needed to care for loved ones who would
otherwise inhibit an employee from completing their work responsibilities.

All reimbursement requests for emergency in-home backup care benefits are subject to the following
• Verizon will reimburse employees $15 per hour of care, up to $100 per day.
• The maximum reimbursement is $100 per day per household, regardless of the number of
• There is no limit on the number of days for which employees can seek reimbursement, provided
that the hours reimbursed are for hours the employee is working for Verizon each date.

Additional details regarding caregivers under the Verizon Emergency Backup Care program:
• You may select adult caregivers of your choice to provide in-home care through your personal
connections, including friends, neighbors, and family members who themselves are not working full
• The caregiver should not be a family member who is ordinarily expected to provide for the
wellbeing of the dependent (for example, a non-working spouse who has parental responsibilities for
the dependent).
• Caregivers must be physically present in the residence where the care is being provided.
• Care recipients may be young children, elder family members, adults with special needs, or
other dependent family members who are unable to care for themselves.
• For households with two working adults and eligible dependents, you should make every attempt
to coordinate work schedules so that backup care support is not needed. If both adults are able to
work modified schedules, you are not eligible for reimbursement.

NOTE: For traditional backup care services (e.g., care-center or in-home care) through Bright
Horizons care providers network, review and reserve available care services in your area by logging
onto the Bright Horizons site.

Any exceptions to the rules above must be approved in advance by Human Resources prior to seeking
reimbursement. If you have questions about the program rules for backup care or wish to request an
exception, please send an email to Access backup care
reimbursement form.





In light of the Covid-19 situation, we have had to make some adjustments to the DCRF program for the month of March. We are extending the due date for March DCRF monthly forms to May 8th, the same date as April’s expenses monthly form is due. We will be processing both March and April forms at the same time to be paid out on the usual date of May 29th.

If you are utilizing Verizon’s Crisis Care administered through Bright Horizons for a relative to care for your child and you are receiving reimbursement through that program, you are not eligible for DCRF reimbursement. Also as a reminder, you must be working to receive DCRF reimbursement.

No one is currently in the NEW&F office at this time although, as stated on our voice mail message, we are available at this email address ( daily. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this email or any of our programs.

Thank you,
New England Work & Family Administration