As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak, through January 31, 2021 certain Associates designated by management by title, location and work group shall home garage their Company-provided vehicle. The wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment of each Associate designated to home garage will continue to be governed by the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
Each Associate designated to home garage will begin their work tour when they dispatch from their home and will end their work tour when they close the last job of the day from their home. While home garaging, the Associate must comply with all Company rules and policies.
This agreement is without prejudice or precedent to any position that any party to this agreement may wish to take in any other proceeding involving any matter. This agreement, and the underlying facts related to this agreement, shall not be cited by any party in any proceeding in any forum including, but not limited to, any arbitration or matter before any federal, state or local court or administrative agency, involving any matter, except as necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement.

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