2018 Scholarship Rules

Local 2323, I.B.E.W. Telephone Division in Rhode Island is pleased to announce the annual renewal for 2018 of its scholarship in the amount of $1000.00 per year for the sons and daughters of active dues paying members.

 In order for you to understand the rules for eligibility and selection of the scholarships for 2018, the Executive Board of this Local has drawn up the following guidelines:


  1. The applicant shall be the natural or legally adopted child up to the age of 25 of an active dues paying member in good standing of Local 2323 for six months at the time of  this application or a retired dues paying member in good standing of Local 2323.
  2. Graduate of any public, private or parochial high school or the equivalent who plan to attend a school of higher education.
  3. Acceptance at an accredited college or school of higher education.
  4. Verification of union membership of Local 2323 of parent and address of employment, if applicable.
  5. The deadline will be the day of the Executive Board meeting on July 26th, 2018.                                

Committee Rules

  1. The Scholarship Committee appointed by the President will be the Executive Board.
  2. The winners will be selected at the Executive Board meeting in July.
  3. There will be ten names drawn.         

              (a) The first five (5) names drawn will be the winners of the 2018 IBEW Local 2323 Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00.

              (b) The sixth name drawn will be the 1st runner up. The seventh name drawn will be the 2nd runner up, and so on.

  1. The scholarship will not be confined to academic programs, but will also be granted to students planning post-graduate or vocational studies.
  2. Should the winner of the scholarship transfer to another college or school of higher education during the term of the scholarship, the Scholarship Committee must be notified     and may review whether the scholarship should continue.
  3. The award will be paid to the parent of the $1000.00 scholarship recipient upon proof of receipt or proof of payment to the institution of higher learning for that semester, not to exceed $1000.00.
  4. The scholarship for 2018 will be terminated when the recipient:

                 (a) has received a total of $1000.00 from the Scholarship fund;

                 (b) has completed the course of study for an undergraduate degree or post graduate degree:

                 (c) is expelled, suspended or withdraws from the selected college or school of high education.

  1. It is expected that the scholarship program will continue indefinitely, however, conditions may require changes or modifications. The right to modify or terminate the program, in whole or in part is reserved by the committee. In the event of such changes,     scholarships in effect will be continued for their duration.

If you wish to to eligible, fill out the attached application form and forward the same to the Local’s Business Office by mail to Local 2323 Scholarship Fund, 22 Amflex Drive, Cranston, RI 02921 or fax the application to (401) 946-2327 where they will be reviewed.



2018 Scholarship Application-Letterhead PDF

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