Brothers and Sisters of IBEW Local 2323 the following is a joint statement from IBEW and CWA:

“As you know, our current collective bargaining agreement with Verizon does not expire until August, 2019, a little less than 15 months from now.

However, Verizon, CWA and IBEW are jointly announcing today that we will be entering into two weeks of bargaining beginning June 18, 2018 to determine whether it is possible to agree on the terms of a contract extension.

This development reflects an improved relationship with the company since the conclusion of our strike just about two years ago.  We will keep you posted on further developments.”


While it has been some time since negations between the IBEW SCT-6 Business Managers and the Company began this early, it is not unprecedented.  Our 1991 Contract was due to expire on August 5, 1995.  Early bargaining began in January of 1994.  Discussions continued from time to time and the parties reached an agreement in August of 1994.  That extension resulted in a contract that began August 5, 1994 and expired August 8, 1998.

The items which will be discussed between the parties will be limited to Wages, Medical, and Duration of Contract. 

There will be a BLACKOUT after today on the proceedings of bargaining.

There will be NO daily bargaining updates.

Whenever there is an opportunity to discuss issues that protect our Members work and future, we are duty bound to engage the Company in those talks.  There are no guarantees that these discussions will result in an agreement, but we are cautiously optimistic.  If an agreement is reached the Members will vote to ratify.

The Membership will be notified of the outcome of these talks as soon as the situation permits.

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