Please see below for the names of the awardees for the Dorchester OPT positions associated with the Boston Build project.

There are 20 awardees for the Day Tours and 11 awardees for the Night Tours with an effective date to report of 3/20/17.


Jeffrey Maxwell

Brian Dennis

Paul Teehan

Joseph Mandeville

Paul Meredith

Scott Maginnis

Stephen Ridge

Erik Anderson

Lance Hall

Gerard Ranelli

John Fajardo

Michael Donahue

William Kelly

John Nimblett

Joseph Ouellette

Michael Coyle

Joseph O’Connor

Robert Mickle

James Cole

Stephen Belskis



Patrick McAuliffe

Timothy Duff

Richard Doherty

Cheryl Gallagher

Jared Rowland

Christian Parzych

Rolf Terrio

Thomas Quinlan

Thomas Hooks

Mary Tedeschi

Barry Dunn


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