Verizon has declared a surplus for the 3rd qtr 2016. The company has elected to offer the Special-EIPP for year 2016. Election window will be open Sept 7, 2016 through September 21, 2016, the election is irrevocable after the 15 day window closes. Off payroll date will be Oct 8, 2016. 309 total have been declared surplus in New England.

The following is a list of locations and titles declared surplus in Rhode Island:

Rhode Island Total: 14

Administrative Assistants:
Pawtucket: 4 (Dir: Edward Gee)

Central Office Technicians:
Providence: 5 (Dir: Chris Cook)
Warwick: 1 (Dir: Lorna Deplitch)

Customer Service Assistant:
Providence: 1 (Dir: Chris Cook)

Driver B:
East Providence: 1 (Dir: Frances Bowes)
Warwick: 1 (Dir: Frances Bowes)

Translation Administration:
Providence: 1 (Dir: Lorna Deplitch)

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