IBEW Local 2323 has endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in tomorrow’s primary.

Sen. Sanders is one of the only candidates to stand with working people his entire political career. Recently in our fight against Verizon he has stood with us and walked our picket lines.

He has taken on Verizon’s insatiable greed and helped focus the media spot light on our fight for a fair contract.

Even yesterday he met privately with IBEW Local 2323’s leadership and members before his Rhode Island rally. He pledged his unwavering support in our fight.

Sen. Sanders also has shown that same commitment to our IBEW Brothers & Sisters at Fairpoint, during their brutal 4 month strike for a fair contract.

The IBEW Local 2323 PAC committee ask that when casting your vote tomorrow you consider voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders. He has shown he supports us in our time of need let us be a friend in return and support him tomorrow.

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