Local 2323 now has a Member Assistance Program, which in conjunction with Local 2222’s assistance is second to none. Members and their families who are having difficulty with any number of issues can get the resources and help they need by contacting the local office. MAP programs are similar in structure to the company’s own Employee Assistance Program (or EAP), with the intent being that we as a brotherhood could be proactive in lending a hand to one another in a proactive way, rather than with our member’s more common reactionary involvement with Verizon EAP, usually resulting from discipline. Any member who is interested in getting involved is asked to contact the union office.

Verizon notified the Union on May 30th that they will be declaring a surplus under the provisions of Article G25 of our collective bargaining agreement. EIPP offers will be distributed to the affected employees by June 6th. An employee’s election to accept the offer must be in writing and transmitted to the company within fifteen days from the date of the offer. The decision is irrevocable after June 20th. The final date of employment in this case for those accepted volunteers will be June 29th. The total surplus for Mass and Rhode Island is 332 with Local 2323 having 29 total surplus.

The breakdown for our Local is as follows

COT’s 3 (234 Washington St-MCO)
OPT’s 11 (2 Newport, 5 Smithfield, 2 Towerhill and 2 Warwick)
SST’s 6 (1 Lincoln, 2 Newport, 1 Smithfield, 2 Warwick)
Service Reps LPC’s 9 (4 Pawtucket, 2 Providence, 1 Smithfield, and 2 Warwick)

Over the past few months, we have been in talks with management in the Order Control Group and were able to successfully negotiate for the potential upgrade of 8 FCSA’s to the FNT title, each member must pass the testing required in order to be eligible for the upgrade. We are in the process of setting up a study group for those members interested.

Our members who were force rearranged into the FSC, and did not pass the testing to become FCSA’s, were placed into the CSA title. Over the past month, we have been working on getting these members an avenue to become FCSAs. The members who didn’t pass the structured interview will be automatically eligible for the module testing. Our members who didn’t pass the test will be eligible to elect to take the test again. As always, we will be willing to establish a location and time for members to start a study group to prepare for the test in the union office.

The door to door trial continues to be a success with two other Locals entering into the trial. Management continues to be amazed at the success our members are having with the sales and completion rates. It is a true testament to the work force we represent.

This year we will be holding two golf tournaments
for our fallen brothers. The first will be for Michael Doran who was a lineman in the Warwick garage. The tournament will be held on Sunday, July 7th at 1:00 p.m. at the Fenner Hill golf course. The second will be for Chuck Austin, an SST who was tragically killed on the job. Chucks golf tournament will be held on Sunday, August 11th at 1:00 p.m. at the Meadowbrook golf club. The price for a foursome is $500, if you don’t golf and would like to show up for the dinner after the cost will be a $25 donation.

On July 21, we will be holding an IBEW Family Day between the hours of 11-4 at the Portuguese Club in Smithfield.

Don’t forget about our COPE Fund, if you don’t currently contribute to COPE please ask for a COPE card fill it out and return it to a steward.

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