Sisters & Brothers,

We have reached the 1 year anniversary of the day we stood up and said enough is enough, and we fought back against Verizon and corporate greed.  April 13th is a day we should all be proud of, we saw firsthand the power of the Union movement, and the strength solidarity provides to each of us.

As Business Manager, I am so very proud of this membership.  You held the line strong, through adversity, and the unknown.  For many members, the fear and anxiety of a strike can sometimes be overwhelming however our members overcame the challenge.

I ask that we all take a moment and reflect on our 7-week fight, and what we accomplished together.  We must remain vigilant and make sure that we are as prepared, if not more for 2019.  The Union leadership worked very hard to lay the foundation in the years leading up to the strike.

We need to continue to build on that foundation, and not rest on our laurels.  We have been very actively politically, through your COPE contributions.  We have forged strong relationships with our fellow Unions in Rhode Island, by answering the call to attend their rallies, or picket lines.

We operate from a philosophy that to have a friend, you need to be a friend.  It is critical that we continue to be active, and continue to participate in all forums so when we make the call, we have friends to call upon.  We saw the benefits through winning unemployment, or the experts that attended the health insurance information meetings, the strong support on our picket lines, and more.

In closing, I wish to thank the entire membership for their efforts, and sacrifice that began 1 year ago today.  I am proud to have you as my Union Brothers & Sisters.



Steve Murphy



3rd Annual Solidarity ride

Hosted by IBEW Local 99 and Local 2323

Sunday May 21st 2017

Registration 9:00am Ride Starts at 11:00am

22 Amflex Dr Cranston, RI 02921

100%​ of net Proceeds will go directly to The Tomorrow Fund!

Last years bike count was 263!!! Register now for a scenic escorted ride returning to Local 99 for Music, Food and Fun!

Plenty of family events for non-riders:

Face Painting * Temporary Tattoos * Cookout * Snacks * Live Band

Tickets available at Local 99 office, Local 2323 office or see a LURC member or a steward.

Warwick – SST (2)

Jason Reidy

Keith Adams


Smithfield – SST (5)

Christopher Mongeau

Eric Klein

Joseph Stravinsky

Adam Beamenderfer

Daniel Clark


Dorchester – OPT – Days (19)

Jeffrey Maxwell

Brian Dennis

Paul Teehan

Joseph Mandeville

Paul Meredith

Michael Donahue

Michael Coyle

John Fajardo

Joseph O’Connor

Scott Maginnis

Lance Hall

Robert Mickle

Gerard Ranelli

William Kelly

James Cole

Erik Anderson

John Nimblett

Stephen Ridge

Stephen Belskis



Dorchester – OPT – Nights (11)

Christian Parzych

Barry Dunn

Timothy Duff

Rolf Terrio

Thomas Quinlan

Richard Doherty

Cheryl Gallagher

Jared Rowland

Patrick McAuliffe

Thomas Hooks

Mary Tedeschi


Dorchester – SST (2)

 Dennis Walsh

Dorothy Moussalli


24 NE associate vacancies for Posting Period 3/7/17 through 3/14/17

Outside Plant Technician, Dorchester days (12)
Outside Plant Technician, Boston days (2)
Outside Plant Technician, Boston nights (4)
Outside Plant Technician, Braintree days (6)

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Thank you!