NE associate vacancies for posting period 10/31/17 through 11/6/17.


  • Splice-Service Technician, (1) Norwood
  • Splice-Service Technician, (5) Framingham
  • Splice-Service Technician, (1) Smithfield, RI



  1. Dara Conneely
  2. John Morelli
  3. John Brennan
  4. Joseph Barry
  5. Stephen Lyons
  6. Michael Connell
  7. Anthony Cascarano
  8. Daniel Barry
  9. George Thomas
  10. Kevin R Smith
  11. Frank Bognanno
  12. Richard Rogers
  13. Timothy Mitton
  14. John Mcgonagle
  15. William Mccarthy


  1. Gary Nims
  2. John Ninteau
  3. John Casey
  4. Joseph Chronchio
  5. Michael Colorio
  6. Robert McArdle

East Providence

  1. Kenneth Almeida
  2. David Archer
  3. Barry Barboza
  4. Brian Proulx
  5. Donald Depardo


  1. Anthony Konisky
  2. Joseph Cantwell
  3. Daryl Perkins
  4. Cristopher Bavosi
  5. Francis Capozzo
  6. Robert Dolan


4 NE associate vacancies for posting period 10/18/17 through 10/24/17.

  • 3 opening- Dorchester – Splice-Service Technician (NOTE:  4-day work week;  Mon – Thurs 6:00A-4:30P 
  • 1 opening – Boston – Equipment Installation Technician

32 NE associate vacancies for posting period 10/16/17 through 10/22/17.


  • Splice-Service Technician, (15) Boston
  • Splice-Service Technician, (6) Smithfield, RI
  • Splice-Service Technician, (5) E Providence, RI
  • Splice-Service Technician, (6) Newton

Below are the names of the awardees for the Norwood/Boston bids


James Kelly

Scott O’Connor

Christopher Murphy

Marc DuBois

Charles Leblanc

Paul Deangelis

Andrew Mason

Kevin Kelly

James Tosi

Aaron Chappell

Adam Florio

Edward Woods

Greg Kolodziejczak

Patrick Walsh

Sean Foley

Brian McEnroe

David Wild

Brian Greenwood

Derek Milso

Michael F Sullivan



Andre Robinson

Michael MacPherson

Michael Curran

Adam Conti

Mariusz Kolodziejczak

Joseph Kiley

Daniel Anderson

Mark Dougan

Maliak Gaston

Andrew Joy



Join us Saturday October 21st 6-10pm for our 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat Halloween Party.

There will be a DJ, food, candy, games, a haunted house and much more.

Decorate your trunk and come prepared with some treats as the little ones will trick or treat from trunk to trunk.

Don’t miss out! It’s sure to be a spooky good time!



The Union will be conducting an informational meeting at 234 Washington Street, on October 18th, 2017 10am-2pm, to answer any questions on the Super EIPP offer that has been announced.  Please make every effort to stop by on a break, or lunch, or before shift should you have any questions.

In addition, the Union will be offering 2 financial planning workshops with Steve Raymond from Scarborough Alliance. 

The workshops will be held on October 12th, 2017 @ 6:00pm in the Union office, and again on October 23rd, 2017 @ 6:00pm in the Union office.  The Union office is located at 22 Amflex Dr. Cranston, RI 02921. If you are unable to attend either workshop, or would like to schedule a one on one, please call Steve Raymond at (978)-239-6999.


NACTEL brings state-of-the-art telecom education to your desktop or mobile device.  
Introductory webinar on October 3rd at three different time slots to fit your busy schedule.
Your IBEW local invites you to join this webinar to learn about professional development and how online learning works.


The IBEW Hurricane Disaster Fund has been established to assist the people in the devastated areas of Texas and Florida

Hurricane Harvey and the most recent Hurricane Irma has wreaked devastation on the city of Houston, cities throughout the Gulf Coast region, the island of Puerto Rico and the entire State of Florida. We are calling on the IBEW members throughout the United States and Canada to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and support the Hurricane Disaster Fund.

The money collected by the fund will be used to provide urgent relief to those most in need, including those who have lost their homes or sustained severe flooding damage.

Please make  checks payable to the IBEW Unity Fund, indicating “Hurricane Disaster Fund” in the memo portion.  IBEW members may make contributions with a credit card at

Please give what you can and show what true IBEW solidarity can accomplish.

IBEW Hurricane Disaster Fund